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Moving to New Canaan, CT

Some friends are calling it the end of en era.  After almost 20 years in New York City, we're moving to New Canaan, CT.  However, after 20 years in the bustling center of it all, we're excited about a new adventure.  We'd prefer to think of it as the start of something different; change is good.  We'll miss being able to have delicious dinners delivered (up 4 flights) to our door, Central Park, the smartest, most driven people ever, the noise (well, maybe not the noise) and the uniqueness of every day here.  Plus the immediate access to the greatest food, wine and design resources in the universe!!  But we're looking forward to discovering New England.  We love our new home, our working fireplace which we expect to use all the time, a friendly neighborhood, a quaint downtown, being a block from the train to Manhattan, more space, lower prices, parks, shops and having a car nearby.  CT is home to great people, beautiful places and unbelievable food, wine and design!  We hope that you'll come with us at to New Canaan, CT to check it all out!  Fingers crossed for a successful move. And hey, let's keep in mind that the city will always welcome us back!  It's very forgiving after all.