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Another cupcake taste-off! Irving Farm Coffee Company v. Back in the Kitchen

Rather than dwell on the terrible storm damage the Hudson Valley suffered about a month ago, and the thousands of dollars Food Wine and Design will have to pay to have the dangerous "widow makers" clipped from the tops of our now-sad looking trees, etc. etc., we thought we'd focus on sweeter things.  Food Wine and Design thought cupcakes were in order, yes...again (see Crumbs Bake Shop Cupcakes posted November 10, 2010 at  This time we sought out yellow cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  We grabbed one from the Irving Farm Coffee Company in the village of Millerton, NY.  We love this spot for a quick sandwich right in the middle of all the village action.  Then we made our way over to check out Back in the Kitchen (great name!!), Peggy McEnroe's newly opened and wonderfully designed and decorated cafe' (January) in Amenia, NY.

See photos of the sweet treats above.  The cupcake from Back in the Kitchen is on the left and the cupcake from Irving Farm is on the right. Yum!! Cupcakes are always great, but if we're picking strengths here FWandD would mix the moist and delicious yellow cake (i.e., the bottom of the cupcake) from Back in the Kitchen with the sweet, rich vanilla frosting and multi-colored sprinkles (i.e., the top of the cupcake) from Irving Farm.  And isn't "the mixing" what's great about the Amenia/Northeast/Millerton/etc. area after all?  It's a wonderfully eclectic area where people from all walks of life mix together sharing a vast array of foods, arts, activities, causes and defense of the environment while local businesses support each other.  Coincidentally, we understand that Peggy McEnroe used to bake for Irving Farm. See what we mean?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Don't forget to have a cupcake!


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