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Crumbs Bake Shop Cupcakes

Mmmmm, beautiful, sophisticated, sweet cupcakes.  They've become understandably popular for all kinds of events, from family parties to high-end weddings.  Coincidentally, we walked by a Crumbs Bake Shop near NYC's Grand Central station today and decided to drop by.  It was about 3:30 pm and all of the tables for two at this quaint yet modern and cheerful little shop were filled. The selection of baked goods was great, in particular the cupcakes.  But how to choose?!  We saw peanut butter cup, coconut, coffee toffee, cookies and cream, espresso and white hot chocolate flavors!  Crumbs' gorgeous cupcakes are also mountainous, which isn't something FWandD would ever complain about (especially at $3.75 a cupcake for some of them).  We decided to control ourselves though...this is a serious taste test after all...and buy only two... chocolate and apple cobbler.  When it came to ordering the cupcakes, the service was great. We wished that the guy who served us had a name tag on his shirt or that his name would appear on the receipt so that we could give him a "FWandD shout-out" but, alas, this friendly, helpful gentleman remains anonymous.  But all of the folks behind the counter were great; extremely pleasant and anxious to help us. 

And then came the tasting tonight.

Afraid that we'd have to pull this plug if the cupcakes didn't taste as good as they look, we braced ourselves.  First, we cut them into quarters so that we could see inside. The layers looked amazing.  First we tried the apple cobbler.  The crisp apple bits were delicious, blended with the brown sugar and creamy frosting.  The cupcake gets an A! And then came the chocolate...which happens to be FWandD's favorite flavor (full disclosure).  If someone walked by the closed door and heard all of the "Oh My G-D" yelps and moans coming out of our mouths they might have thought something indecent. The yellow cake was buttery but light and the chocolate frosting was creamy and smooth and not too sweet.  Even the little colorful sprinkles played their flavorful part! WOW CRUMBS BAKE SHOP, WOW!

If you need to impress your colleagues at the next office party....or bring something to your in-laws' no more.  You can get all the cupcakes you need for any occasion and any unique tastes (try their best seller collection) and they'll even make you a customized cake. 

Oh and, no, we're not affiliated or getting anything in return for this review.  Just the pure delight of eating those cupcakes.


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