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Fourth of July Celebration

4th of July
Welcome back summer!  The Fourth of July brings back memories of sparklers sparkling, mosquitos buzzing, red, white and blue Italian ices melting on your sticky hands while the heat is rising.  And do you recall the exciting but terrifying sounds of the local fire works displays you watched with family and friends?

Now it's time to create an upscale version of the old-fashioned holiday right at home.  Keep it easy if you can, especially since the heat and, er, bugs will demand something more low-key.  For example, instead of decorating with red, white and blue balloons, stick with one of those colors and build around it.  Tie blue balloons to white rented chairs next to inexpensive round party tables covered in white table cloths (dollar store versions are fine).  For your red you can decorate cupcakes with red sugar crystals or add some red grocery store flowers as centerpieces.  e' voila!  Don't forget to have the kids wear bathing suits under their clothes so they can run through your sprinkler during the day.  Letting them dry off with and keep red, white or blue beach towels that you've purchased in bulk will add to the memories.

For the adults, check out the special Fourth of July drink ideas in the Recipes section.  Add a hint of patriotic fun by replacing drink umbrellas with little American flags from Oriental Trading Company.

Have fun!


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