Spring is coming!

A single blossom of decorative dahlia Maxime, showing how the flower's  tomato-red petals are outlined in pale yellow.

We at FWandD are starting to plan our cutting garden and we couldn't be more excited! We'll stick with zinnias and lupines but expand on dahlias! Please share your garden plans with us as the days get longer and the temperatures warm up. 

Spring has sprung!

Spring finally sprung in the Hudson Valley today. It was gorgeous and we were outside all day. Put our new patio furniture together while the chimney sweep did his thing inside...also walked the trail, scrubbed the bird bath, got the boiler tuned up, put in the newly repaired window screens, had a BBQ lunch, cleaned out the garage, etc. Amazing, productive day in the sun!

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Beautiful in the Hudson Valley today

Gorgeous outside in the Hudson Valley today but we need an insect solution stat. The horse flies are already killing us! What's the solution fellow country folks? Industrial size fans? Please comment and school us.

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